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History of Prostitution

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History of Prostitution

Curious about ancient roots of World's oldest profession? Procon Prostitution published a great timeline of historic documentation from Ancient Times through Middle Ages until today showing the course development. Did you know that in Old Greece 'Athenian lawmaker and poet Solon founded state brothels and taxed prostitutes on their earnings in the 5th century BC? The cost of sex was ... equivalent of an ordinary worker's day salary.' Most records deal with state's and government's involvement in brothel keeping and taxing. The facts suggest people in old ages were more open minded than some of today's democratic societies. Later on prostitution developed to a form of entertainment that was marked as a luxury privilege for wealthy and powerful.


Today it is stained by corruption and abuse perceptions in some countries while it is regarded a normal profession in others. Build your own opinion!
Massage parlors, brothels, bars and nightclubs for adults are at the core of red-light districts. Some are officially demarked zones for prostitutes to conduct their business, others are naturally grown environments attracting customers due to their inhabitants offering sensual services. RLD Wiki tries to answer legit questions around international red-light zones by providing facts and resources with a mix of personal experiences and media excerpts.


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